Alternating Hand Keys – Typing Lesson

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This lesson is small funny game to help you remember the keys. The special of this lesson is each word that contains the keys one from left and one from right.


rock - (Left Right Left Right) height – (Right Left Right Left Right Left)


How to touch typing?

The starting position for your fingers is called the home row. This is where your fingers live.

The bumps or nipples found on the F and J keys on the keyboard helps you correctly position their left and right hand on the keyboard without having to look at the keyboard.

touch typing

Every word in this lesson is just located on the left hand only.

The space bar is pressed with either thumb. Most people probably use only one thumb, the one on their dominant hand as long as you’re comfortable with it.

Some advice

Just relax and listen some music when you typing. You should establish and maintain a rhythm while typing.

Each test should be less 200 words, just take short practice each time, and remember that then main purpose here to remember the keys location. Try make speed over 30 wpm.


Hope that helps you better!