Benefits of typing faster - Life hack

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Typing speed (or typing faster) is “must have” skill in our technology world. Typing speed used to be a skill that was reserved for those working in fields with massive amounts of data or text entry. Nowadays almost everybody spends a large amount of time sitting behind a computer each day. That’s why you need to typing faster.

Speed of Thought

Keep your ideas Keep your speed of thought

Touch typing is essential: If you can type blind, that means you have moved all the necessary control to move words from your brain into the computer – where it doesn’t need conscious control anymore. This means your conscious is free to concentrate on your work instead of “Where is the letter a s d f on the keyboard?

For every time, if you have spark of new idea to note it down. You have to typing it fast to keep your speed of thought on that idea, or your idea might be gone.

Time Savings by Typing Faster

It saves valuable time. Even if you only double your typing speed it means that writing a document that would normally take an hour can now be done in half that time. This equates to a large amount of time saved and/or a big increase in productivity.  By learning touch typing movements to find the differe

Saving time by typing faster Saving time by typing faster

nt keys become automatic. This also allows ideas to flow more naturally and freely because rather than being hung up hunting for letters on a keyboard you will be able to focus all the attention on the text you want to write.


By learning touch typing, you could boost your typing speed to 40 wpm or even 60 wpm , And drastically cut down the amount of time it takes you to do even the simplest tasks.



Keep your hands and wrists level with your keyboard Keep your hands and wrists level with your keyboard

Finally learning touch typing can help to prevent injuries because use of a proper posture is encouraged. Anyone who has spent long hours at a desk working on a computer knows it can take a toll on back and neck health. With better posture the chances of having a sore back or neck are reduced. The utilization of a correct technique benefits the wrists too. An improper way of typing can put unwanted stress upon the wrists leading to carpal tunnel syndrome.

As you learn typing faster, there isn’t just about increasing your typing speed and reducing errors, it’s about adopting healthy computer habits to reduce the risk of injury and provide increased comfort.

The speed at which you learn any skill is proportional to how much time you spend learning it. Take a little time each day to improve your touch typing skill now.

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