Bottom Row Keys - Touch Typing

1 minute read


Let’s go to the final row of touch typing lesson. This time you practice the group of keywords (zxcvb nm), it’s just a seven keys, and easy to remember.

How to touch typing?

Still keep your hands on the bumps or nipples which found on the F and J keys on the keyboard. Reach a little bit to bottom top row.

The fingers on your left hand will touch on the Z, X, C, V & B keys, while the fingers on your right hand will touch on the N & M keys. Both of your thumbs should rest on the big space bar at the bottom.

keyboard-finger-placement touch typing

Every word in this lesson is just located on one row. (zxcvb nm)

Some advice

Note that the main purpose of these lesson to remember the keys, so every word should in the lower case to make it simple for learning touch typing.

Try to reach over 25 (words per minutes) each test to make sure you remember and good speed for the next lesson.

Focus on accuracy first and then speed later. Accuracy is important to improve speed, because everytime you press Backspace, it will slow you down.


Hope that helps you better!