Formula to measure typing speed in WPM

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Measuring typing speed

Typing tests measure two things, speed (wpm) and mistakes. So when you take our typing speed test, do not look only at your speed, look also at the number of your mistakes and concentrate on reducing your mistakes in future tests rather than increasing your typing speed. The end result will be increased productivity.

To calculating the speed there are two formulas are applied.

  • First, Gross_WPM (Words Per Minute) is a calculation of exactly how fast you type with no error penalties.
  • Second, Net_WPM calculation is preferred for measuring typing speed as opposed to the Gross_WPM computation. The mistakes is taken into account to give a more complete picture of your true typing abilities.

Let me explain those formulas in detail.

  • Gross WPM:

    gross wpm Gross_WPM
Here WPM = Word Per Minute All typed entries = Total Key Strokes (or key Press)

Gross_WPM is really the typing speed that you typed in one minute its getting by total key Stroke (Key pressed) divided by 5 (One word ~ 5 characters) and then divided by total minute to get word per minute speed.


A student typed 90 words per 2 min with errors in 10 words.

Simple speed = 90 words / 2 min = 45 (wpm)


But Gross_WPM is not your actual speed, actual speed is calculating by correct word you typed known as ‘Net_WPM’.

Note: delete, backspace, shift and other keys are not calculated.

  • Net WPM Formula

    net_wpm Net_WPM

Net speed can be calculated by deducting errors in Gross_WPM

For example, if you typed 40 Word in 1 Minute but you typed 3 word wrong then your Net_WPM = 40 - 3 = 37 (WPM)

  • Accuracy Formula:

Accuracy is a percentage ratio of Gross and Net Word Speed:

Accuracy = (Net_WPM / Gross_WPM ) * 100

Calculation of Errors

Errors are calculated by following two criteria

  • Errors that are made and corrected
  • Errors that are made and not corrected


  • Summary

Gross speed is how many raw WPM and net speed takes into account accuracy percentage.