Home Row Keys - Touch Typing Lesson

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If this is the first time you learn touch typing, this is the right lesson for you. Take first small step on practice the group of keywords (asdf gh jkl) to remember the keys location first.

How to touch typing?

The starting position for your fingers is called the home row. This is where your fingers live.

home_row_keyboard touch typing

The bumps or nipples found on the F and J keys on the keyboard helps you correctly position their left and right hand on the keyboard without having to look at the keyboard.

The fingers on your left hand go on the A, S, D & F keys, while the fingers on your right hand go on the J, K, L & ; keys. Both of your thumbs should rest on the big space bar at the bottom.

Left Hand Right Hand
a - Fourth finger (pinkie) j - First finger (index finger)
s - Third Finger (ring finger) k - Second Finger (middle finger)
d - Second Finger (middle finger) l - Third Finger (ring finger)
f - First Finger  (index finger) ; - Fourth finger (pinkie)
g - Use first finger when typing h - Use first finger when typing
Space Bar - Left thumb if you are left-handed Space Bar - Right thumb if you are right-handed


Every word in this lesson is just located on one row. (asdf gh jkl)

The space bar is pressed with either thumb. Most people probably use only one thumb, the one on their dominant hand. The thumbs basically float comfortably in the air when not in use.

Some advice

At the first start, you should type every word in lower case first. Why? Because the purpose of this lesson is to help you remember the key location in touch typing. The long response when you press Shift to capitals or (.) or (,) make you boring and distract from remembering the keys location.

Each test should be less 200 words, just take short practice each time, and remember that then main purpose here to remember the keys location.

The speed might be disappointed you. But no worry, when you know how to touch typing, your speed will follow soon. Focus on the accuracy, correct at the first time to build the best habits later on.

Hope that helps you better! :)

Source: MasteringTyping.com