How do I improve my typing skills?

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“I fear not the man who’s practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who’s practiced one kick 10,000 times”. Practice typing skills with passion & high focus on the texts you love to type.

First, I am going to tell you what I’m thinking about slow typing skills.

Don't waste your time on slow typing skills. Don’t waste your time on slow typing.

I have been working and typing a lot with my keyboards from high school to my office. It happens from chatting to writing document and report, from social network to comments … like everybody often do in their daily life. Of course, typing skills become most critical factors to reduce wasting time on typing in technology age.

Imagine that if you type slow on documents, report or anything else for 4 hours instead of 2 hours.

Each day if you waste 2 hours for typing, each week you waste 5 hours, each month you waste 40 hours, then a year you waste 40 x 52 = 2080 hours. That amount of time nearly 86 days on typing. The accumulated time you waste on typing is so huge, if you can double your typing speed, you can save your typing to do other meaningful work.

Wasting so much on typing is definitely not good at all.

That is why I decide to find software to improve my typing skill a little bit better.

typing skills Why am I typing this?

My typing skill is just average speed 70 wpm, not fast enough. I have been surf a lot of website about typing speed to find whether other software online  that can helps me. I use a lot of them to help me to solve my problems, from compete with other member’s typing competition to practice with the lessons.

… soon or later I started boring.


I have known how to put my 10 fingers on keyboard already and I really don’t like to start typing from beginner with exercise like . And one thing I really don’t like most of typing software, why am I typing the meaningless text, and have no idea what that text talk about (may be some old story).


Then I come up with an idea to solve my problems and save my time for other things.

Practice, practice and practice. Practice, practice and practice.

I create my own customize typing speed apps to improve my typing speed, and the main feature of my apps is copy any texts from lyrics, quotes, transcript movie, literature or could be anything that I interest, typing it over and over again to improve typing skills. Combine typing to training myself and learn new things by remember it during typing is the one I love to.

There is only way that I improve typing is that typing my favorite texts, the more you typing the faster your typing skills are. Or I could change the difficult of texts and start typing with new texts.

It’s the way I do now - Practice, practice and practice with the high focus




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How about your ideas, or your ways to improve your typing skill? Can you share with me about your ways? Leave the comment below.