How many ways to improve typing speed?

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In fact, the technology for teaching typing speed skills hasn’t improved much since back then, although you can now take a simple typing speed test online. The various typing test online from game, to race, to simple typing to help to improve your typing speed. But how many ways are there to help you improve typing speed?

Typing Speed Typing Speed

Some way to improve your typing speed

The first is most popular source now is to chat with friends, fb messager, skype chat. We often chat a lot with friends via Facebook or gamming, or write a comment on forums. The simple words often in lower case, something it mix in with abbreviation and or special character to reduce the words, to type faster. It might be the way for you to practice.

The second one is working environment, writing the report, prepare the slide for demo, or write the formal email with punctuation, full words and no abbreviation. You have to write a lot and it’s really boring, we all often want to type fast to go home soon, this source often put the pressure on us to force typing faster. Not only just typing faster but also have to think what to write. This one might be other way to practice typing speed.

The third, blogger type a lot, the writer write ideas on paper. These people really need typing speed, to capture the spark of ideas, or lose it. Maybe there some deadline on their work that force them to increase their speed. The environment is key factor to increase their speed without practice.


All the ways I list above is not really good way to improve typing because of multiple tasking, thinking, and interrupting. It might increase their speed typing but it will take a long time to fast typing.

There is the better way to increase your typing speed in the short period, one thing at a time, laser focus on practice, practice, and practice typing without thinking about other things, or interrupt by other work. Copy your own favorite texts, and practice regularly it, each day just a few minutes can achieve the huge outcomes. Practice now with