Are mechanical keyboards affect your typing?

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corsair-mechanical-keybaord Mechanical Keyboard

A Brief of Keyboard Types

Before you get ready to know about effect on typing, let me explain a briefly type of keyboards. The difference between membrane (Rubber Dome) and mechanical keyboards:

Membrane (Rubber Dome) Keyboard

Membrane _keyboard_construction_layer Membrane (Rubber Dome) Keyboard

Many keyboards used today are membrane keyboards, meaning they do not have individual switches under each key. Rather, they use rubber domes that spread underneath the keyboard, which can sometimes make the keys overly sensitive or feel less than ideally firm under the typist’s fingers.


Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards, have switches under each key, which can make typing easier, faster, and more accurate. And, of course, these keyboards often make an audible clicking noise when the keys are pressed, which many people find quite satisfying. These keyboards also tend to last longer than their membrane counterparts. Mechanical keyboards Mechanical Keyboard  

The Bright Side of Mechanical Keyboards as I know

Mechanical keyboards provide you with a fantastic typing experience. Each keystroke feels gratifying and authoritative, unlike on a common dome-switch keyboard, which feels mushy

Speed and precision: Accentuating a key in a mechanical keyboards results in some form of tactile feedback, telling you that you’ve pressed the key successfully. Also, unlike dome-switch keyboards, you don’t need to press a key all the way down (called “bottoming out”) in order for your keystroke to register. This results in increased typing speed and fewer typos, especially when you’re touch-typing.

Mechanical keyboard switches Mechanical Keyboard Switch


Is a mechanical keyboard essential to your workflow? Probably not. You can get your typing tasks done with any old keyboard. But if you’re looking for a comfortable, precise, and satisfying typing experience, nothing beats a mechanical keyboard.

Once you start using a mechanical keyboard, it will be hard to switch back to an ordinary keyboard. You’ll have more incentive to type more and maybe improve your typing speed. I use a laptop as my main work machine, but I have a mechanical keyboard hooked up to it 99% of the time. Also, after three years of hard use, my go-to mechanical keyboard still looks and feels exactly the same as the day I got it.