Time savings with customize AutoHotkey

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A little bit tricks in daily routine that can make you more productivity. We spend so much time browsing around in Windows Explorer that just about any enhancement can be a huge help, and there’s a couple of ways you can tweak your Windows Explorer to make it easier to use. Customize AutoHotkey is a option for you.

AutoHotkey is software used to customize short key in windows. Make short key shorter and your hands movement comfortably. You can download it from autohotkey.com , and start create your own customize short key. Here is some customize short key that frequent used in windows.

1. Create your customize Auto Hotkey script

autohotkey AutoHotKey

Here some explanation: with structure:

; This is combination of keystroke (Press Win + 1) LWin & 1::   ; This is action from keystroke, to switch to next virtual desktop, same as (Ctrl + Win + Left Arrow)    sendevent {LWin down}{LCtrl down}{Left down}{Lwin up}{LCtrl up}{Left up}     Return


It’s simple which keystroke and then the action from those keystroke. Then you can start to create your own customize AutoHotkey now:

Create the shortkey.ahk  file.

; switch to next virtual desktop. LWin & 1::    sendevent {LWin down}{LCtrl down}{Left down}{Lwin up}{LCtrl up}{Left up}      Return   ; switch to previous virtual desktop. LWin & 2::    sendevent {LWin down}{LCtrl down}{Right down}{LWin up}{LCtrl up}{Right up}   Return   ; Go back is used in browser, or in window explorer. !`::     sendevent {LAlt down}{Left down}{LAlt up}{Left up}   ; Back Return   +!`::     sendevent {LAlt down}{Right down}{LAlt up}{Right up}  ; Forward Return   ; Window position #W::    sendevent {LWin down}{Up down}{Lwin up}{Up up} ; move Window to up Return   #S::    sendevent {LWin down}{Down down}{Lwin up}{Down up} ; move Window to down Return   ; Key Enter, Home, End LWin & `::     Send, {Enter}  ; Your left hand often used mouse, so right hand will press shortkey Enter Return   #Q::     Send, {Home}                Return   #Z::     Send, {End} Return

2. Make your AutoHotkey run on startup

Open command line, or

Ctrl + R

Typing shell:startup

Or follow the path C:\Users{Your User Name}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup startup-shell

Copy your script shortkey.ahk to folder startup. It will auto load your script every time computer is startup.

put-your-autohotkey-script-here Copy your customize AutoHotkey here












3. Other shortkey for you

To launch a program, simply use the script below.

;Launch Sublime Text F4::Run "C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe" Return


Open Favorite Website Quickly

; Launch MasteringTyping ^+w::Run "www.masteringtyping.com"                 ; use ctrl+Shift+w Return


Adjusting Volume

; Custom volume buttons +NumpadAdd:: Send {Volume_Up} ;shift + numpad plus +NumpadSub:: Send {Volume_Down} ;shift + numpad minus break::Send {Volume_Mute} ; Break key mutes Return

I hope the above scripts help you. If you are using customize AutoHotKey, then do share your favorite scripts in the comments form below. I’m so looking forward to it.

Source: Mastering Typing.com