What’s the most efficient way to learn touch type?

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Touch type is to type using all one's fingers and without looking at the keys.

Break the rule, feel the keyboard through your fingers, freestyle touch type Break the rule, feel the keyboard through your fingers, freestyle touch type

Touch type is one of the most important skill in today’s world both professionally & personally. It is a skill which can be learned when we are young, but it’s never too late to learn new things in life. It is a sure thing which can prove helpful in long run and definitely save a lots of time. Before learning this skill, I matched this skill with the skill of learning a bicycle. At first, you fall many times but after sometime the brain automatically learn this and day by day you become good in bicycle riding. Our brain takes sometime to develop a kind of pattern in it. Once the pattern is developed, it will be with you. Mark my words “Repetition Creates Memory” for your fingers. Sharp the memory better the typing.


Here is some advise

Mistakes are unavoidable, no one is perfect at the first time. So don’t try to aim for 0 mistakes because that’ll slow you down, due to the sheer speed that one types during touch typing, you’re gonna make some typo here and there eventually. That’s okay.


For a certain period, try to type only on a single keyboard that you are comfortable with it ( and I suggest mechanical if you’d like to, it’s really good experience for typists). Use one keyboard a long time to helps you to remember exactly where each keys are located. Notice how different keyboards have slightly different keys and their relative position from each other depends on how the keyboard is designed. Once you can type really fast on that keyboard ( say 100 wpm or more), try and move to other keyboards and see whether you can type faster after some getting used to the keyboard layout.


No need perfect to learn touch type, break the rules. There is some reason why you don’t need to follow the rules. because everyone has differently sized hands and fingers, asking everyone to follow and use certain fingers to hit certain keys is very limiting. Try to freestyle type and see whether you use the suggested fingers to hit the keys. If you don’t, it might be because your hands and fingers are differently sized from the norm or that your keyboard is designed slightly differently from the norm. Those issues are common so devise your own set of “muscle memory rules” that you can adhere to and you’ll be on your way to typing much faster than you would.


Typing the words, texts from the books or newspaper you like, could be your favorite words, quotes, transcript, songs, or anything else to motivate you practice typing. Or you could listen some music while you practice. Just relax and focus on practice typing.


It’s worthy to learn touch typing

Save time: It would help you to write your blogs, journal, messages, chatting etc. faster without wasting time.

Impression: It will impress other people who don’t know this skill. They may say like, Wow! how can you do that and within mind they may be thinking if they could also type like you!

Pleasure: It is a pleasure to just focus on thinking and the typing is done automatically, no distraction from figuring out where the keys are located

Job: Many jobs today ask for good typing speed.