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Tips with keyboard, play with shortcut keyboard, and discover other hidden function

What’s the most efficient way to learn touch type?

  Touch type is to type using all one’s fingers and without looking at the keys. Touch type is one of the most important skill in today’s world both professionally & personally. It is a skill which can be learned when

Refreshing Eyes Exercises at Computer

  Staring at a computer screen all day long sure puts a strain on your eyes. Sitting in front of computer for so long is not only strenuous for our eyes but may also cause headaches and muscle tensions. We

Fun Facts about QWERTY and Typewriter

  Here’s some interesting facts about QWERTY and Typewriter, not just our standard QWERTY keyboard, but we also look at some of the other types out there. The Typewriter and computers today use the same key layout. Most modern keyboards

How many ways to improve typing speed?

  In fact, the technology for teaching typing speed skills hasn’t improved much since back then, although you can now take a simple typing speed test online. The various typing test online from game, to race, to simple typing to

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Is that true wpm measures the speed of typing?

  I’ve been researched a lot through forums, websites about wpm. And I heard a lot of people want to reach to 100 (wpm), or from 100 (wpm) to 150 (wpm). But what is words per minute anyway? Is that factor